KRAYL "von dusteren Welten" Cassette

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RBR015 - Hailing from Kalyan, India, KRAYL is the project of prolific black metal/ambient musician Svartblod, who is also behind such bands as VENT D'AUTOMNE, LOBOTOMICAL ABSTRACT TORTURE, DE L'ENFER, and many more. With KRAYL, Svartblod deftly skirts across the boundaries of black metal, shoegaze, and ambient, stirring them together into an alchemical blend that is both necrotic and transcendent. KRAYL achieves a startling emotive resonance of deeply affecting atmosphere within a raw, blown-out and distorted recording. Synths and guitars pulse with sweeping strobes of blissful chords, while a distant drum machine clatters a far away ringing rhythm. The raspy vocals enter intermittently, adding an unsettling layer of tortured alien presence before retreating into obscurity. Lo-fi and powerful, KRAYL will appeal to fans of VELVET CACOON, YOGA, and WRATH OF THE WEAK.

Originally released by Nihil Interit Records (CD-R) and Depressive Illusions Records (cassette), re-issued by Rising Beast in a limited run of 150 pro-duplicated cassettes. Labels and distros get in touch for wholesale/trade.

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