LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH "The Golden Plague" Re-issue Cassette

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RBR017 - "The Golden Plague" rises to once again infect and sicken the masses. Metal Blade recording artists LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH from Los Angeles join forces with Rising Beast to re-unleash their 2007 debut album in glorious analog cassette form.

Original description from

"Raging brutal American Black Metal quartet rising from Los Angeles' Undergound; featuring ENDLESS BLIZZARD member on lead-guitar! High-calibre, yet always over-the-top blistering insanity with just a hint of Nordic influence. As a basic starting reference, in the brutal blackened vein of ANGELCORPSE, REVENGE, CONQUEROR, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, and ABSU; plus with Death-Doom heaviness dating back to HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST!"


1. The Golden Plague
2. Plunder and Lightning
3. Let this Knife Lead You to Us
4. Shores of Twilight
5. Abomination in White
6. Loathsome
7. Ghost of a Thousand Broken Blades

32 minutes approximate running-time. Originally released on CD by, re-issued by Rising Beast on pro-duplicated cassettes in a limited run of 200. Labels and distros please get in touch for wholesale/trade.