MOONKNIGHT "Valinor" Cassette


I managed to get another small batch of these from Hungary.

RBR026 - "Valinor" is the 3rd full-length album by MOONKNIGHT and the spiritual successor to 2012's "Ligeia". Recorded during various sessions between the years 2006 and 2014, these 8 songs scrape the nadir of human existence, culminating in the most depressive and bleak-sounding MOONKNIGHT release to date.

1) An Initiation (5:22)
2) With Bright Knives (5:08)
3) Aconitum (5:51)
4) Helplessness (4:12)
5) Pleasure Funeral (5:25)
6) Broken Blade (5:51)
7) The Western Shores (3:05)
8) Valinor (6:45)

Digital version available below from Rising Beast.

Cassette edition released by Old Skull Productions in Hungary. Pro-labeled cassettes with pro-printed covers and clear norelco cases.