PHOBONOID "Phobonoid" Cassette


RBR027 - Rising Beast proudly presents the exceptional debut full-length from Italian one-man band PHOBONOID. 2014's "Orbita" EP showed an amazing depth of promise from this visionary sci-fi industrial/doom project, and now the debut full-length album has launched into the cosmos. Following a prestigious CD release by Dusktone in Europe, Rising Beast now manifests the cassette edition in a handsome package featuring layout by Phobonoid and cover art by celebrated sci-fi artist Bob Layzell. A conceptual masterpiece of finely-crafted blackened doom and a devastating voyage into the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

1. Crono (4:00)
2. Alpha Centauri (4:41)
3. La sonda di Phobos (2:24)
4. Fuga nel vuoto (3:45)
5. Eris (3:27)
6. Vento stellare (1:27)
7. La risonanza della sonda (2:34)
8. Kairos (3:21)
9. Pulse (1:22)
10. Frammenti di luce (3:55)
11. Tachyon (4:53)
12. Phobonoid (4:11)

Pro-cassettes with silver shells and black imprint ink, pro-covers and clear norelco cases. Limited to 100 units.

Released by Rising Beast Recordings.